Project partners

August Horch Akademie GmbH
Gürtelstraße 29A/30
10247 Berlin

Phone:  +49 375 2000440

When August Horch designed its first sport vehicle named AUDI Type A in 1910, he set a new benchmark with regard to innovation and quality for his competitors. Since 1995 August Horch Akademie sets the same benchmark for its products and services like his famous namesake. For the purpose of his tradition the company continues today what was started over 100 years ago.

As a private training organization August Horch Akademie develops and delivers integrated training and human resources programmes to its customers. As a project promoter August Horch Akademie has been involved in numerous European and national projects over the past 15 years. Based on this experience the company provides its knowhow and experience to outline and implement development projects in VET, higher education, HR management and organizational development.

ESPRIT Soc. Cons. a r.l.
Via delle Panche 37 c/d
50141 Florence

Phone:    +39 055 3261500

ESPRIT Soc. Cons. a r.l. is a Consortium created in 2003 as the Intermediate Body for the implementation of the ESF Global Grant “Small Grants” as foreseen in the Regional Operational Programme ESF Ob. 3 2000 – 2006, after a call for tender issued by the Region Tuscany. The overall objective of the Global Grant was to de-velop the social economy in Tuscany and to promote its capacities as a new source of employment for disadvantaged people, removing the obstacles which hinder the socio-labour inclusion of the weakest part of the population.

In 2008 the Region issued a second call for tender for the management of the new Global Grant, as foreseen in the Regional Operational Programme ESF Ob. 2 Regional Competitiveness and Employment 2007 – 2013. The Temporary Association of En-terprise ESPRIT3 (composed by ESPRIT, Fidicoop Toscana, AGCI, Confictur) won the call for tender and by the end of 2008 is the Intermediate Body in charge of the man-agement of the new Global Grant. The overall objective is to contribute to minimise the effect of different factors causing poverty (of means) and privation (of opportuni-ties) in order to promote a resulting and gradual social and economic inclusion as well as the removal of situations of poverty.

From 2007 ESPRIT has decided to diversify its field of interest, in respect of the statu-tory mission to facilitate the socio-labour inclusion of disadvantaged target groups. So, it has been decided to start submitting proposals for European projects in different programmes and with different partnerships.

Viļķenes pagasta bibliotēka
6a Briezu street
LV4050 Vilkene

Phone:    +371 64063243


Vilkene's Parish Library in 1919 founded by Catherine's Education Society "Light". The library is information, culture and lifelong learning institution, information support center for primary, secondary and college students.

The library has a special mission of collecting local history materials and the creation of digital collections. Information on significant countrymans is available in the library exhibition, as well as Vilkene's Parish website Library boasts a database of Latvian anthem author - composer Karl Baumanis covering material 725 bibliographic descriptions.
The library has 7,000 copies of books and other expenses fund, which are freely available to all visitors, free internet access, wireless Internet access.

For customers library provides individual and collective consultations to learn basic computer skills and electronic service operations, to search information in library catalogs and databases on the internet.

Angus College
Keptie Road
DD11 3EA

Phone:    +46 (0)1241 432695

Angus College has a history of steady growth since its establishment in 1957.  Currently over 10,500 students and trainees, (over 1600 full-time students) enrol annually and around 80% of these achieve the qualifications for which they enrol.  The College currently employs over 400 staff annually, (246 full-time equivalent (FTE)), of whom 125 (FTE) are lecturers and 121 (FTE) are support staff.

The College offers a wide range of courses up to HND level, in subject areas as diverse as Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation, Business, Management, Communication, Languages, Construction, Joinery, Engineering, Art, Crafts and Design, Hospitality/Catering, Hairdressing, Care, Community Programmes, Computing, Information Technology and Office Administration.
The College offers training and consultancy on a commercial basis and has a major Conference Centre facility, providing conference and meetings facilities both commercially and for various community groups.

The College’s commitment to meeting the educational needs of the Angus community is reflected in its outreach centres in Forfar, Montrose, Kirriemuir and Brechin, offering a range of facilities and services for students and commercial clients.
The College has an annual budget of around £10.5 million, and is recognised as being one of the most efficient and financially sound colleges within the Further Education sector. 

Angus College operates a team-based structure and each area of the curriculum is led and managed by one of twelve teams of academic and, as appropriate, support staff. Each team is led by a Team Leader with additional support provided on curriculum delivery, development, and review by Course Leaders. All teams are responsible for their own courses and for the continuous improvement of the service they provide to learners.  Support Teams are led and managed in a similar way, with each of the Teams led by a specialist functional Manager.

All Teams produce annual self-evaluative and operational plans outlining their objectives, and detailing their achievements in respect of these objectives and against a number of key quality performance indicators.  The academic teams are each supported by one of the Directors of Learning and Teaching and receive support and guidance as necessary from a range of curriculum and functional support teams.

As an education and training organisation, the College puts great emphasis on quality assurance and the need for continuous quality enhancement.  This commitment is demonstrated by the achievement of the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard, the achievement of the Investors in People standard, the award of devolution of authority under Scottish Qualifications Authority arrangements and recognition under the local enterprise company SQMS quality framework. 
The College has been actively involved in leading and supporting a number of national and further education sector quality, management, efficiency and curricular initiatives, and has an enviable national reputation for the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services it provides.

Lärcentrum Vansbro
780 50 Vansbro

Phone:    +46 0281-75284 / 0281-75283


Municipal adult education (komvux)
Part of the public education system for adults, the municipally-run adult education system was established in 1968 with the aim of providing adults with skills at levels equivalent to 9-year compulsory school education (basic adult education) and upper secondary school education (upper secondary adult education).

Vansbro learningcenter (Lärcentrum Vansbro)
The government’s Adult Education Initiative, launched on 1 July 1996 and concluded in 2002, marked the start of a program of extensive reform and renewal in a number of areas including municipal adult education.  As a result of this efforts Lärcentrum Vansbro started in January 2001 and comprises adult education, adult education for the intellectually disabled and Swedish for immigrants.
All educational activities are distinguished by accessibility and flexibility in terms of time and location.Lärcentrum Vansbro also runs advanced vocational education and training. Lärcentrum Vansbro has participated in different kinds of EU-projects.

Support partners

I+ s.r.l.
Piazza G.Puccini,26
50144 Florence

Tel.:    +39 055 354829
Fax:    +39 055 3246012

I+ s.r.l. is a private ICT-company leader in e-Health solutions and Home Automation integrated systems. Our approach is to match the innovation with solutions effectiveness, flexibility and usability. I+ realizes services and develops software solutions according with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standard; its product are CE certified.
I+ solutions are based on long lasting expertise as a key player at international level. This role is reinforced by strong collaborations and partnerships with several European Research Centres and Universities.